I have been working as a portrait photographer since 1993. Initially it was only my bodypainting work that I photographed, and I would sit on film sets honing my skills, taking pictures in every type of light source I found myself in. I developed the film myself and became a specialized printer, working mainly in black and white on art papers, printing on gold leaf and working with Liquid Light.

CarolynAs my career in bodypainting lost its charm, I gained confidence in my photography and decided to head off to India to photograph Nomads…. an ambitious project that was generously sponsored by Ilford Film. I took a Hasselblad and set off into the hinterlands of Gujarat, Culcutta, Bangalore and Central India. The results generated several exhibitions in India and London, articles in the Independent and talks at the Indian High Commission.From here I made a series of portraits of the Cowboys, Manadiers and Gypsies in the Carmargue.

Commissioned work has followed, generally portraiture for different magazines, such as Interiors, Junior, Elle, Marie Claire, The Daily Mail, Easy Living and The Independent, alongside numerous private commissions for portraits a sample of which are shown on this website. I relaxed my focus for five years whilst having children and reappeared in an exhibition curated by Predrag Pajdic in 2010 entitled Lingering Whispers.

I am currently working on several projects including Beautiful Incisions, The Table Cloth Series and another series of intimate portraits entitled The PP. I also have four upcoming exhibitions, be sure to check the blog pages to get up to date information.

Exhibitions. 1996-2010

Egg, Kinnerton Street, London.

Sun & Doves, Camberwell. London.

Indian High Commission, London.

Bhuj Cultural Museum. Gujarat, India

The Horniman Museum. London.

Buffalo, a Photographers Collective. Dulwich. London.

Lingering Whispers. London.