Commissioned Work

If your experience of exploring my site has led you want to commission me as a portrait photographer then I am best contacted by email at

Personal Portraits

I work from my house in South Croydon, by appointment only. Once you decide you would like to be photographed by me we can discuss your needs and desires.

You can put yourself in my hands entirely and we can see where we go, or you can be quite specific about what you would like to do, using your own unique style, other photographic or painterly references. I work in both colour and black & white, and I shoot on a medium format Hasselblad camera.

If you would like a make up artist and or hairdresser to attend you during our time together I can organize it for you, in some circumstances full or partial body make up can really help you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

A session usually lasts between 2 and 5 hours depending on requirements, and I am happy to work on location inside or out for a negotiated fee.

Purchasing Images for Publication

I have a large stock of images available for purchase. The range includes pregnancy, children, nomads, India, Cowboys, the Carmargue etc. Some images are digital, some film. To request a discussion on an image or sequence of images please email me at