“If you could see the things my eyes have seen…”

I have watched Masai warriors drawing blood from the neck of a bull to colour their hair.

I have sat in the desert of Gujarat, painting henna on the hands and feet of a Princess for a seven day royal wedding.

I have watched tattoos being hammered into the skin of a nomadic woman entering her adolescence.

I have travelled through New Zealand and seen the Maoris being tattooed. Slept under the stars in the Sahara desert where the Wodabi tribesman paint their faces, and dreamt that I could paint like Salvador Dali.

All this is a tiny part of the inspiration that I bring to the bodypainting courses that I teach.  My aim is to inspire you. To elevate you. To encourage you to go beyond all that has been done before. To create new images, to paint in a way that brings wonder and thought to the minds of those who witness your work.

I run two day Body Painting Art Masterclasses on various themes from my home in South London. I teach all levels of students within a class, from absolute beginners to experienced teachers. The days are structured so that all abilities are catered to and given space to expand. I can also deliver my workshop in Colleges, Universities and one-to-one. If you would like more information on the courses, to book a place or to find out more about bringing the course to your workplace to set up your own course please email me: